@ZKFIT motivates me to get my beast mode on! They make me want to work out, and have helped me realise my passion for fitness. Kate is a wonderful and joyful person. I have loved training with her, and I look up to her hard-working personality. 

By Kennet Robertsen 


Kate’s a machine! Her workouts during lockdown get me rolling out of bed in the morning and motivates me to kickstart the day. I don’t know what I would do without her!

By Laura Johnson 


Kate is the reason why I’ve decided to embark on a personal training programme as well as well as my professional dance training career. Her passion and commitment in putting together LIVE classes has really kept me on my feet especially in lockdown. I aspire to be like her one day. She is a beast, and the best fitness trainer you would all wish to have. Thank you Kate. 

By Kimberley Marie Anne


Kate’s workouts have helped me so much and is an amazing addition to my dance training. I’ve noticed so much improvement to my stamina and strength in my classes now. 

By Ellie – Mae Thorn 


@ZKFIT has been a life saver during the pandemic. Her workouts have improved my strength and fitness. I have enjoyed each and every one of them. They are varied and challenging but achievable and motivational.

By Angela Wilson 


Dear Kate, at home we have been joining your classes and we love it. The variety of styles, the music and most and foremost exercising with you! It helping a lot of us to cope with the ‘Stay at home’ restrictions too! Thanks for sharing your time and help!

By Adosinda


@ZKfit have kept me motivated and moving through lockdown and it’s a great they’re saved so I can come back to them if I can’t make a live! The team are fab!! 

By Eleanor Kelly 


 I have been doing Kate’s classes for a few weeks and I find her classes both challenging and enjoyable. In the time that I have been doing the classes I have already seen improvement in my overall fitness and energy levels. Thank you Kate 

By Malcolm Sonko 


Kate is always there when you need her! Found her sessions at the perfect time and she has worked me back to fitness! I feel so much better having moved so much and with Kate’s constant support and kindness she has been epic! This woman has drive! Love

By Kendra 


I loved the ContemporaryHIIT programme! For me the mix of aerobic Hiit with the fluidity of dance offered me a different way to embrace exercise that also really suited my lifestyle and also provided me with a balanced class that supported by body and fitness level. It was fun and accessible and Kate is a super fun, friendly and a personable teacher.

By Rachel Evans 


During the pandemic I was sitting my level 2 fitness instructor qualification and Kate helped me to fulfil part of the requirements for the qualification which was to observe and work with a qualified personal trainer. Kate let me sit in on personal training sessions where she was working with clients old and new. Kate was more than accommodating, she was very enthusiastic about helping me to further my knowledge beyond the requirements of the course by giving me an insight into many aspects of personal training including clients over 50/pre- and post- menopausal clients, clients with injuries, the list goes on. She went above and beyond to ensure I knew the etiquette and standards she held herself to which is what makes her stand out not only as a PT but as a teacher. One stand out value I learned from Kate was the delicate balance of when to help and encourage clients giving them the educational tools to benefit their training, guiding them towards their goals efficiently and safely, and when to take a step back and not to overwhelm the client.

By Stephanie Alexander

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