Nurturing health - fuel your body and mind

JOG' - Jars of Goodness

A South American inspired healthy pop up business that provides nutritional superfoods (açai bowls, smoothie jars & bowls, organic nut butters) and offers yoga courses & other holistic practices workshops to cover a mind, body & soul approach. A London social enterprise with a reciprocity concept towards South American communities.


Alexander skin & wellness – Holistic facialist 

Working as a holistic facialist I love to work closely with my clients to  support and maintain healthy skin. As well as working topically I like to also work on supporting your skin internally.  By looking at environmental factor including nutrition, stress balance and sleep. My facials are non invasive by using holistic methods. 


Part of my skin ritual is facial massage! Probably my favourite part of the facial. Facial massage has many benefits including  – encouraging cellular activity and rejuvenation – promotes lymphatic drainage – facial muscle toning & sculpting- increases circulation to the skins surface and relaxes the central nervous system. There are many facial massage techniques you can do at home everyday as part of your skin and self care routine!


ZK – In Fitness & In Health are teaming up with the Locke Hotel to deliver One on One fitness programs as well classes and health and wellbeing events.  


Space for living.


Stay for the weekend, or three months. Eat out, or in your pyjamas. Present to the board, or ignore all calls. Meet friends, or make new ones. Order a flat white, or a Pina Colada. Go for three courses, or a scone.

Run 5k, or a bath. This is your place. To stay, to live, to be. Locke. Feel free.


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