Together we will commit to a true partnership.

ZK ‘In Fitness & In Health’ wants to encourage you to develop a new approach to fitness and health by helping you to be both physically and mentally stronger. Together we can create and customize a fitness regime to suit you, to boost your strength, increase your stamina and improve your overall mental health – regardless of your current fitness level.

Personal training sessions can be held at various locations. Whatever your approach you will be pushed and encouraged to achieve your goals.

We offer one to one programmes to suit you varying from Bootcamp, HIIT, Pilates and Yoga. Sessions will be delivered between 45min – 1hr depending on your needs and requirements.

High Intensity Interval Training
Is commonly referred to as HIIT.This type of training involves repeated bouts of high intensity effort followed by varied recovery times.

Offers exercise that can combine body weight, resistance bands, free weights, medicine balls or weight machines.

Is an interval training workout with bursts of intense activity and rests of lighter activity however, it is more intense than most cardio activities. Offers a mix of cardio, light weights, bodyweight exercises, such as pullups, pushups, lunges and crunches, as well as drills and sprints.

Is a low-impact exercise that focuses on flexibility, muscular strength and core endurance. Offers emphasis on proper postural alignment, control, core strength and muscle balance.

Is a systematic practice of physical exercise, breath control, relaxation, diet control, positive thinking and meditation. Offers a holistic approach to harmony in the body, mind and environment.


  • One session – £35
  • Block of 5 sessions – £160
  • Block of 10 sessions – £3
Positive Mindset = Positive Outcome


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