Since receiving her level 3 qualification in 2012 ZK has worked with clients on a one to one basis. Giving them individual programmes to gain strength, lose weight, postural knowledge and a healthier well being.

She is a instructor for Our Parks which is a company that provides accessible classes for the community that is mainly free. She teaches Dancefit, Boxfit, Bootcamp and Circuits.

ZK has implemented fitness into London Studio Centre foundation course, 1st and second year BA Hons degree students

ZK has seen the benefits that fitness and dance have had on the students at London studio centre so she  is looking to embed her passion for fitness and dance to develop her own fitness genre of mixing contemporary dance and fitness which will combine the linear and high intensity movement of HIIT training with the fluidity and rotational movement of contemporary sequences.

Contemporary HIIT (high-intensity interval training)

The aim of the concept is to mix Contemporary Dance with fitness training to condition dancers and widen the reach of the genre as well as introducing new users to this style.

Contemporary HIIT: Is high intensity interval-training workouts that last for 20 – 30minutes with the prime focus on fusing fitness and contemporary dance to condition and strengthen Dancers or new users.

The HIIT element is incorporated through counts of 16 body weight exercises.

The focus of contemporary dance combines counts of 16’s that are made up of dynamic release-based movement. This will incorporate floor work, articulation of the back in a rotational manner,  fall and recovery, and awareness of alignment. This will be articulated in a fluid and grounded way.