ZK ‘In fitness and in health’ is here to change your mindset and lifestyle via the ‘I DO’ approach. We aim to make sure that we not only focus on physical exercise but our mental health. Especially in these testing times for us all with an increase of anxiety and lack of social interaction. Self-care is even more apparent than ever.

We want to encourage overall health and wellbeing whilst helping you to understand your lifestyle by looking at your physical activity, diet, sleep/recovery patterns and creating a positive mindset. We will enable you to see long term improvements beyond the immediate. Regular exercise can improve your quality of life to help reduce the risk of developing several diseases like type 2 diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular disease and mental health issues.

A minimum of 30 minutes a day can allow you to enjoy these benefits, empowering you to create a routine and stay focused. Zamira Kate founded ZK ‘In Fitness and In Health’ In 2015, she was training one on one clients whilst implementing fitness into the Dance Foundation and Degree courses at London Studio Centre. This resulted in her bespoke programme ContemporaryHIIT.

ContemporaryHIIT has also been delivered at Rambert Dance Company, PayPal, Google, Fitness First, Feel Good Centre 2, Our parks and for Move GB. ZK has delivered daily free online workouts on Instagram and Facebook throughout lockdown to keep people active – boosting morale and energy levels



  • We will support you without question
  • We will always aspire to meet your needs
  • We will laugh with you
  • We will empower you to push through
  • We will respect you
  • We will stand by you when faced with a new challenge
  • We will value you in fitness and in health


Something old, something new - we merged them just for you


Is a bespoke programme devised by Zamira Kate which combines dynamic Contemporary Dance movement with High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). Offers a whole-body workout that focuses on stamina, strength & mobility through both rotational & linear planes.

Includes a three-tier programme suitable for beginners, intermediates & professionals.


Is a fun, energetic workout combining dance movements and HIIT training. Offers a workout that targets the cardiovascular system, movement memory, coordination and stamina. Includes grooves and moves accessible to all.


  • Physical – Cardiovascular endurance, improved mobility, better coordination & neuromuscular control.
  • Mental – Feel good factor, releases natural chemicals, social interaction across demographics.
  • Health – Increased health & wellbeing, aids injury prevention.

Commercial Products: 

ContemporaryHIIT Programmes for Beginner, Intermediate & Professional

Six-week online programme twice a week 30/40 minute workout

Fitness Classes with ZKFIT Instructors (one-off and/or regular sessions)

12 class programme – (face to face or virtual)


Educational products:


School Package with ZKFIT Instructors#

Ten-week school-based programme


Conservatoire Package with ZKFIT Instructors 

Ten weeks in dance conservatoires



Kate’s a machine! Her workouts during lockdown get me rolling out of bed in the morning and motivates me to kickstart the day. I don’t know what I would do without her!
Laura Johnson
Kate’s workouts have helped me so much and is an amazing addition to my dance training. I’ve noticed so much improvement to my stamina and strength in my classes now.
By Ellie – Mae Thorn
@ZKfit have kept me motivated and moving through lockdown and it’s a great they’re saved so I can come back to them if I can’t make a live! The team are fab!!
Eleanor Kelly